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Fontanka-river quay, 36

          In the very heart of the St. Petersburg is situated an amazingly harmonious edifice, built in classical austere style. It is the former Ekaterininskij Noble Maids Institute. Several decades already here has been settling a row of departments of Russian National Library, including the Department of Printed Music and Sound Recording and a concert hall. In this edifice, under active assistance of RNL administration, in February 2008, The Cultural Centre of Russian Musical Society will begin its work.

Musical Thursday is the main concert project of RMS.

The first Thursday of the month:
          Early music, playing original instruments. At these concerts, except the music of the Renaissance and Baroque, You will hear pieces from the unique archives of rare and hand-written music, stored in the special department of RNL. The bigger part of these works has not been playing for 200 years and more.

The second Thursday of the month:
          Traditional music. The ethno-music-lovers will have a possibility to hear an authentic Russian folklore, an Azerbaijan mugam, an Indian raga, traditional Cossack songs and many interesting music else, which practically cannot be heard in our concert halls.

The third Thursday of the month:
          Musical Laboratory is a place for the most courageous creative experiments, the most unusual combinations of instruments, styles and conceptions. At these concerts the listener can make sure, that an academical music is not something stark and invariable. Today it has been living and developing.
          We invite in our Laboratory professional musicians and composers, whose experimentation takes place in a bosom of one of the musical traditions. Besides, it is necessary Your program to correspond to an academical concert hall format.

The fourth Thursday of the month:
          Musical meetings of RMS - are concerts with the very various programs, which carrying out tradition goes back to the middle of XIX century. Here we shall try to create the atmosphere of an aristocratic St.Petersburg musical salon, which supposed lively intercourse of the audience, conversation with artists, unconstrained creative surroundings and even combined music making.

The fifth Thursday of the month:
          Special program.

          Moreover Cultural Center of RMS plans to realize regular concerts for children and youth. The schedule of these concerts is working out at the present.

Fontanka-river quay, 36

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