Russian Musical Society (RMS)
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The board of the RMS

Maxim Shostakovich - conductor, Chairmen of RMS

Dmitry Sollertinsky - musicologist, chairmen of Dmitry Shostakovich foundation, vice chairmen of RMS

Alexei Lubimov - professor of Moscow Conservatory

Natalia Entelis - musicologist

Vladimir Shulyakovsky - artistic director of Musica Antiqua Russica, artistic director of RMS

Irina Bezuglova - musicologist, the head of Music department of Russian National Library

Dmitry Chasovitin - professor of St Petersburg conservatory

Dmitry Smirnov - composer

Alexander Polishchuk - artistic director of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

RMS projects

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The board of the RMS